Yacht tours

Yacht tours – yachting from Portugal

The yacht tours we have gathered for you on this page differ from the list of elite yacht cruises of ordinary tourist companies. We have tried to select interesting tours on small-sized yachts for a more active and interesting holiday. Such a type of yachting is suitable both for fans and masters with skills in managing a yacht, and for dreamers who want to fully immerse themselves in the atmosphere of ocean voyages with all its peculiarities.

Features of yacht tours

First of all, such trips differ from cruises in their ability to reach places where a large yacht would simply run aground. On small yachts, you open up tours to small inlets and bays at small coastal towns, as well as landings on uninhabited islands. On such small vessels, there is a special romance of sailing trips and incredible views due to the same accessible locations.

The low cost of such tours allows you to travel around the world several times a oceans on and visit places that are difficult and expensive to reach by other means. For particularly active enthusiasts, the highlight of yacht tours will be the opportunity to get a real challenge in relation to knowledge and practical skills on board, while the rest can calmly wait out bad weather in the cabin.

Routes of yacht tours

In the tourism market, a large number of tours start from remote cities, getting to which from Portugal might be more expensive than the tour itself. Therefore, we select accessible tours, which for the most part start from Portugal or offer favorable options for moving to the starting point. At the same time, trips on yachts are available both in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, for example, to Spain, and routes across oceans to distant islands, to the North ocean, and even to Norway.

Tours are available not only in the warm oceans on, because when it snows here – somewhere under the equator, coconuts are growing. Such options are suitable for the case when you are wondering where to spend the winter vacation. If you do not just want to sunbathe under the sun somewhere on an untouched beach, then we have also added unusual tours to cold waters or tours that require certification from you, because you will be an integral member of the team and will also perform your duties on board. Interested in this type of active rest? Take a look at our list of yachting schools, after completing training in which you will receive an international yachtsman certificate and will be able to go on tours on your own or rented yacht.

If you are new to the world of yachting and have no experience in ocean voyages – a good option to try yourself in this matter will be amateur sailing yacht trips on the river. After one or several such yacht trips, you will understand whether you are spiritually drawn to the open ocean and if your answer is 'yes' – the path under sails will be easy for you.