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Yacht marinas of Portugal

After the first sail and especially after a self-guided route as a skipper or captain, the desire to become part of the interesting world of yachting only intensifies. Yachting has not sailed far from global realities, and people with common interests also unite in groups, or more precisely – in yacht marinas. This page is dedicated to yacht marinas. We will tell you about the differences between marinas, their capabilities, and also gather some information for you about each, so that after reading it you have a general impression of the club and possibly a desire to become part of it.

Differences between yachting marinas

First of all, the level of the club is determined by its composition. A club can consist of simple yachting enthusiasts and amateurs or only experienced certified captains. There are also differences in the directions of marinas – some entertain themselves and train in river bays or, for example, in the North Atlantic Ocean, while more serious ones go on oceanic voyages at any time of the year.

At the same time, marinas can be divided into educational and entertainment. The first ones, such as ........, recruit very young future captains into their ranks and from childhood prepare them for frequent yachting trips and all kinds of difficulties. Entertainment marinas are more created for active rest in the company of like-minded people, that is, they go in groups on a trip on one or several yachts both on the river and in the distant waters of the world's oceans.

Club requirements

Clubs vary greatly in this matter and it all depends on the level of the club. To join some, it is enough to have a desire to engage in yachting, while others may accept participants, for example, only if they have certificates that prove your usefulness in the team or you may need to have your own yacht possibly of a specific type. In general, you can join some beginner club as a member who will go on group trips as a passenger of the yacht, but for a higher level, you will still need to get a yachtsman certification – such are the rules of going out into international waters on a private yacht.

Feeling like part of a team is possible even during a simple yacht trip on the river, and ocean voyages can be tried during yacht tours – both an experience and an excellent vacation option during the holiday. If these are your first yachting trips, then after the completed route and the emotions received, you will start to understand whether you like yachting in general. It is after the enchanting atmosphere at ocean that many begin to seriously be interested in yachting as a sport or active leisure. If you take a serious approach to this matter, we once again recommend you to take specialized yachtsman courses in the appropriate schools, because it's not always calm at ocean, and on a yacht, you need to be always ready. This will be your starting point on the route to club competitions in the form of regattas and international tours around the world!