Yacht trips

Sailing and motor yacht trips

Sometimes it's hard to find a place for a cozy and romantic time with your loved ones or in solitary tranquility. Yacht trips – that's an option that is definitely worth trying even if you've never thought about cruising on cruise liners or didn't want to become a ship captain as a child.

Just once go out into the bay under sails and this event will be remembered for many years. Such a vacation option is suitable for many events:

  • family celebration and birthday;
  • meeting and relaxation with friends and loved ones;
  • memorable wedding on a yacht;
  • bachelor party and hen-party with friends;
  • romantic dinner under the sunset;
  • party with music and swimming;
  • even fishing on a yacht away from the shore.
Experienced yachtsmen know better than anyone that each yacht trip under sails is unique. Especially if you spend such leisure time with people dear to you.

We have collected for you the best yacht trips in Portugal, where we tried to list options, among which everyone can find something to their liking – from a serene rest in the bay at the Madeira and in the waters of the North Atlantic Ocean to unusual options like a bright party on a yacht and real gatherings on unique vessels, such as aqualimousine and others.

An unexpected recommendation from us – if you don't know, what gift to give to a friend or close person, but you are sure that he likes the ocean or ships, then the answer to such a question suggests itself. Giving a yacht trip is equivalent to the most unexpected and pleasant gift if not for life, then for many years guaranteed. And in many cases, you will have the opportunity, albeit for a short term, but still to become the captain of the yacht and steer the vessel under sails.