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Yachting Schools

After reading a good novel passionately describing ocean voyages under sails or after a trial sail on a yacht, you too may have wanted to become a yacht captain or at least a skipper? We understand you perfectly and are happy to have selected for you the best yachting schools in Portugal. These are not the level of amateur marinas, but real schools with international skipper and captain certification – RYA, IYT, or ISSA. After obtaining such widely recognized certificates, the vast majority of charter companies officially recognize you as a true ship's captain, and you will be allowed to go to ocean not only on your own yacht, but also to keep course along the route of an international tour with passengers on board.

How to choose a yachting school?

First, think about why exactly you need a school? Perhaps, sailing for the soul does not necessarily require you to get certified, and it might be enough to learn the basic rules to not sink the yacht near the shore or not let the sail fly freely just above the water level.

In case you plan to sail on commercial charter flights, your path will go through many full-fledged courses regarding types of vessels, weather conditions, navigation rules, and rules for preventing collisions between vessels, as well as their communication. In the end, you will have to pass an exam and obtain the corresponding certificate. We recommend choosing among schools that teach according to the RYA and IYT programs – they are more respected by international charter companies, unlike ISSA.

For captains ashore

The list of yachting schools in Portugal also includes online courses and seminars. This option does not guarantee certification, as it is necessary to undergo practical training directly on the vessel, but it is excellent for acquiring basic and even advanced theoretical knowledge. This method of learning is suitable both for beginners and experienced ocean wolves who want to refresh their knowledge or recall something from the theory. Online courses are accessible from anywhere in the world, meaning you can expand your knowledge in yachting theory both from an office in a city where the largest body of water is a local lake with ducks, and on a couch on vacation. Such courses almost always come with educational materials, which you can reread several times to reinforce knowledge or spread your training over a period that is convenient for you.

Regarding seminars – we have placed specialized online yachting training sessions that will be held on specific dates. Similar large-scale events along with dates and detailed information can also be found on the calendar page, where all important events in the world of yachting are collected – regattas, marina gatherings, exhibitions, and amateur yachtmen meetings.
Learn and keep a safe course to your dream.